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LG Launches First Ultra 84-inch HDTV Today

Posted on Thu, Oct 25, 2012

LG Ultra 84 inch HDTVToday, LG Electronics launched their 4K "Ultra" 84 inch HDTV which delivers four times the resolution of current HDTV's. With a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160, and an aspect of at least 16×9, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) officially titled the next advancement in consumer video resolution as “Ultra HD” earlier this month.

The 84 inch TV is packed with every advanced technology LG currently has to offer. The 3D features include LG's Cinema 3D passive glasses technology, 3D Depth Control so that viewers can fine-tune the perceived distance from near and far objects for customized 3D experience, and a 3D Sound Zooming feature orients sound according to the location and movement of on-screen objects. An on-screen Home Dashboard provides access to 1,400 apps and a variety of movies and games.

If you think that this is such an amazing advancement, think again. Panasonic showed a 145-inch 8K plasma set, a prototype for test broadcasts of Super Hi-Vision planned for 2020 in Japan, with a 7680x4320 display.

If you want to have first dibs on one of these beauties, you'll have to dish out $19,999.99 and live around the Video & Audio Center in Lawndale, CA.


Author: Julie Bertok

Topics: 4K Ultra HDTV, LG, 3D