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Despite significant improvements to videoconferencing and collaboration technologies for use in telemedicine applications, many practitioners and patients are still not able to receive the benefit of these important healthcare solutions. Simply put, the use of traditional video conferencing in healthcare has been restricted because of the high cost and limited access to the quality of service enhanced networks and expensive equipment required to make it work.

VidyoHealth WiFiWhile major urban hospitals and medical facilities may have dedicated networks over which telemedicine applications can be used, many of the neediest patients and clinics – those located in rural and remote locations, have been shut out due to lack of access.  Likewise, the use of videoconferencing as a way for the infirmed or elderly to receive medical care at home has been hindered by legacy videoconferencing solutions that do not achieve the high-quality or the needed reach to connect all practitioners with these in-home patients.

Legacy video telemedicine solutions simply can’t provide the level of consistent, low-latency, error resilient transmission required by medical specialists, over general purpose IP networks like the Internet.

VidyoHealth provides the needed remedy.  
VidyoHealth SurgeryRoomVidyoHealth is a scalable, cost-effective, telemedicine solution that leverages the public Internet and existing general purpose IP networks at medical facilities to enable secure, encrypted remote doctor-patient and doctor-doctor interactions that are as close as possible to face-to-face meetings.

The VidyoHealth solution allows healthcare providers to deploy high definition (HD), low latency VidyoConferencing™ anywhere an examination, operation, or consultation needs to take place, from within medical facilities and at patient homes, clinics, other hospitals or physician home offices.

VidyoHealth is a complete, end-to-end solution with a variety of endpoint options, including: HD Room Systems for conferences or auditorium events, desktop endpoints for doctor’s offices, single-click, touch screen options for patients at home, and customized endpoints for medical cart use in hospital emergency rooms, operating rooms or clinics.

VidyoHealth delivers end-to-end encryption, providing HIPAA compliant security and easily integrates into existing healthcare environments with support for a variety of medical devices and interoperability with existing conferencing infrastructure.

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